Flag Hoisting by Tribal Women in Barli Development Institute on
65th Independence day - 15 August 2011

   The 65th Independence Day Celebrations were
organized with great zeal and enthusiasm by the
young rural and tribal women-trainees at Barli
Development Institute for Rural Women on 15th
August 2011. The Chief Guest on the occasion
was Father Vincent Carmel, (Director, Universal
Solidarity Movement for Value Education for
Peace).  The program began at 8:30 am when
the National Flag was hoisted by the
trainee-women: Ms.Nirmala  (Alirajpur), Ms.Monu
Ningwal (Khargone) accompanied by chief guest,
the Director Mrs Tahera Jadhav and Mr. Yogesh
Jadhav (Chief Operating Officer). This was
followed by chanting of the National Anthem. All
the trainees enjoyed this special day of their lives,
as most of them had experienced this for the
first-time in their lives.
   Mrs Tahera Jadhav (Director) congratulated the audience on the 65th Independence Day. She praised the
great Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Lala Lajpat Roy, Sarojini Naidu, Rani
Laxmi Bai, Kasturba Gandhi and the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji who sacrificed their lives for
getting freedom from British rule. She elaborated on the importance of balancing rights with duties and said
that both are complimentary, and added that with the absence of proper law and order, true freedom cannot
be achieved. She quoted from the Baha’i spiritual writings and elaborated that material progress without
spiritual upliftment cannot make a nation truly happy. She said that in Barli Institute, the trainings aim at getting
true freedom viz: trainees learn to read and write which imparts freedom from illiteracy; knowledge about
health and hygiene contributes to freedom from sickness and disease; and learning life-skills through Cutting
and Tailoring at the Institute contributes to better livelihoods and thus imparts freedom from poverty.  The
trainees are also taught the importance of leading a holistic life based on achieving spiritual qualities which
contributes to achieving freedom from the Self.
The Chief Guest of the program, Father. Vincent
Carmel in his speech said that now is the opportune
time for renewing the Independence Movement and
to fight against social ills like: illiteracy, corruption
and poverty.  He spoke about how each one can
contribute towards taking the country towards newer
heights of development. He saluted the
achievements of the Barli Institute and hoped that
each trainee-woman of the Institute will make her
country proud by studying and grasping the
trainings imparted at the Institute and help in the
process of developing their rural and tribal areas.
After flag hoisting ceremony, the trainees presented a cultural program which included patriotic songs,
devotional presentations and folk dances. About 100 people participated in the program which included the
staff members and women trainees from villages of Dhar, Aalirajpur, Khargone, Badwani, Dewas districts of
Madhya Pradesh and trainees from Maharashtra. The program was conducted by Mr. Yogesh Jadhav (Chief
Operating Officer).