3-day Workshop on International Literacy Day (6-8 Sept. 2011)
A three-day workshop to celebrate the
International Literacy Day was organized at
the Barli Institute’s campus 6-8 September
2011. The workshop was honoured by the
presence of eminent educationists,
literatteurs, poets and social workers. This
included renowned poet and scholar Prof.
Dr. Saroj Kumar, eminent social worker Mr.
Krishan Malhotra, folk-poet Shri Narhari
Patel, President of Lioness club (Indore)
Mrs Manju Mandloi, educationist Mr
Radheshyam Negi, writer Mr Rupesh Kumar
Sharma among others.
On the first day the inaugural session began at 11:00 am occasion. The
guests were welcomed by hand-made artefacts made by the tribal women.
The institute’s Director Mrs. Tahera Jadhav, addressing the trainees
congratulated them for their remarkable achievement of learning to read and
write in such a short span. She said that Barli Institute being a Baha’i inspired
NGO is committed towards holistic education of rural and tribal women. She
quoted from the Baha’i writings as: “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of
inestimable value. Education alone can cause mankind to reveal its treasures
and enable it to benefit therefrom.”  She hoped that all the trainees will spread
the light of literacy when they go back to their native places in remote tribal
and rural areas.
A group of trainees (Pooja, Renuka, Ranu and
others) performed a beautiful dance on the theme
based on devotional song. While another group
(Rekha, Kanta and others) sang 2 inspirational
songs on the occasion. A Bhilali song was also
chanted by Laxmi and group which gave a glimpse of
the tribal dialect and their culture.  
The chief guest Dr. Saroj Kumar expressed his
delight on seeing the confidence in the trainees.
He said that each one of them is a potential-future
sarpanch and would bring waves of change in their
respective villages. Special guest Mr. Krishan
Malhotra (renowned philanthropist) and Mrs. Janak
Palta McGilligan (past director of institute)
congratulated the trainees and wished them
success in their future endeavours.
In the afternoon session, the trainees were shown a
learning-oriented film on the theme of inclusive
literacy, which was liked by one and all.
The program was conducted by Mr Yogesh Jadhav,
Chief Operating Officer of the Institute, during which
he updated the audience about the latest statistics
about literacy status in world, and in India.

The second day of the workshop began at 10:00 am with interactive workshops, wherein the trainees got
to know various dimensions of literacy and its utility in everyday life. The workshops were conducted by
using innovative methodologies like: peer-tutoring, participatory learning and group study exercises.

The concluding session was organized on 8th
Spetember with the celebration of the
International Literacy Day. The Chief guest for
this session was renowned folk-poet and artist
Shri. Narhari Patel and guests of honor were
Lioness Mrs. Manju Mandloi, (President Lions
Club), and Mrs. Jyotsana Khandelwal. Special
guests were educationalist Shri Radheshyam
Negi and author Shri Rupesh Kumar Sharma.
Inaugurating the session, the Director Mrs.
Tahera Jadhav said that Literacy Day is a very
special day for the Institute because most of the
women-trainees were illiterate when they came
to the Institute three months ago, but now they
could read and write in Hindi. They have learnt
cutting and tailoring, organic farming and about
maintaining good health and use of solar energy.
She congratulated the trainees for their
achievements and said that they are now a part
of the literate population of the world. Quoting
from Bahai Writings she said that: ‘Knowledge is
like wings for mankind and ladder for his ascent’.
Thereafter the trainees presented cultural songs (Rekha and group), and dances ((Janu and group) and
also shared their experiences.
Special guest Mr. Rupesh Kumar Sharma said that each woman-trainee is a lamp of knowledge and they
should enlighten other lamps and spread knowledge when they go back to their villages. Educationalist Mr.
Negi congratulated the Institute for its excellent work. He addressed trainees in their own Nimari language
and said that they should be proud of their linguistic heritage. He said that they should benefit from the
teachings of Institute and imbibe as much as possible.
Lioness Mrs Manju Mandloi said that the Barli Institute is changing a number of lives in remote areas of the
country which is a commendable job. Lioness Mrs. Jyotsana Khandelwal said that each trainee is like a
torch that can set ablaze each village with knowledge and bring true happiness.
Chief guest Shri. Narhari Patel said that true independence can be achieved only through knowledge and
literacy. His songs which were sung in local Bhilali and Nimari dialects dramatically enthused the
atmosphere. He praised the efforts of the Institute for empowering rural and tribal women since past 26
years. Ms. Elisa Kohnlein, (from Germany) a volunteer serving at the Institute, recited a poem in Hindi which
was praised by all. The women-trainees presented beautiful songs and tribal dances on the occasion
delighting the audience. Three trainees of the institute Ms. Gyarasi, Ms Syani, and Ms Jamna shared their
learnings of the workshop. They were felicitated with mementos by the Lioness Club members.
The workshop created a new interest about
literacy in the minds of the institute's
trainer/staff and the 92 tribal women-trainees
who came from 41 villages of districts :
Alirajpur, Badwani, Khargone, Dhar, Sehore,
Dewas of Madhya Pradesh and Jalgaon
district of Maharashtra. It is noteworthy that
about 80 % of these trainees were illiterate
before they came to the Institute in June 2011,
and within a span of three months of their
training, they have learnt to read and write.