On Wednesday the 18th March at a special progamme organized by Centre for Environment
Protection Research and Development (C.E.P.R.D.) Barli Development Institute for Rural Women
was the recipient of the Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2008 (Environment Friend Award) .
Dr. (Mrs.) Janak McGilligan, Director of the Institute and Manager Mr. Jimmy McGilligan received
the award on behalf of the Institute
The award was given Mrs. Tara Bhattacharya, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, and a Gandhian
thinker in her own right.
    This award was established in remembrance of the founding Secretary late Mr. Sudhir Mishra
The Centre for Environment Protection and Research
Development is an Indore-based organisation.  This award
has been established in the memory of its founder, Mr.
Sudhir Mishra, who made concerted efforts towards
environmental conservation.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the Chief
Guest, Mrs. Tara Bhattacharya, granddaughter of
Mahatma Gandhi and a Gandhian thinker in her own right
and special guest was Mr. Shiv Singh Mehta, a social
worker and an industrialist, and a total gathering of over
100 people, the cream of Indore community involved in
social work at various levels.

Mr. Jimmy McGilligan, Manager of Barli Institute gave a
power-point presentation demonstrating the methods and
efforts being made within the Institute in the area of Solar
Energy and other environmental issues, fully reflecting the
focus of the Institute on being, on the one side
environment friendly and on the other, raising awareness
about protection of environment through its various
training programmes. The presentation highlighted the
processes such as the solar energy cooking programme,
the zero-waste policy, and the recent International Solar
Food Processing Conference were all shown as impressive
evidence of the environmental impact of the Barli

The address given by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Tara
Bhattacharya covered aspects of her belief in the
importance of the environment. She also touched on her
Grandfather’s quest for truth and non-violence. She
expressed praise for the Institute’s work.

Dr. (Mrs.) Janak and Jimmy McGilligan, who have
worked tirelessly, developing the Institute since the mid
1985, received the award. As the secretary of C.E.P.R.D.
Mr. Mahender Mahajan was seriously ill and admitted to
the hospital, Dr. McGilligan chanted the Bahá’í Healing

Conferring of the award signifies the symbol of recognition
given to Barli Development Institute for Rural Women by
Indore Society.
Centre for Environment
Research and Development

Environment Friend Award -

Established in remembrance of
Late Mr. Sudhir Mishra,

Founder Secretary of Centre
for Environment
Protection, Research and

Citation Bestowed upon

Barli Development Institute for
Rural Women, Indore

An organisation dedicated
towards the Literacy of Young
Tribal Women and be
Environment friendly

    It is an accepted reality that even today a large population of the country lives in the rural areas. Since
    Independence, though there has been a significant improvement in these areas, however, there is still much to
    do in the tribal areas. Struggling with economic poverty, exploitation, illiteracy, the tribal people are deprived
    of the basic amenities of life. In such circumstances, Barli Development Institute for Rural Women, Indore has
    dedicated itself to the development of rural and tribal young women. They are not only given literacy but
    sustained efforts are made towards empowering them to earn their livelihood. That the Institute provides
    training totally free of cost to the tribal young women comes as a pleasant surprise. Barli Development
    Institute for Rural Women situated at Indore is an unmatched example of the spirit of dedication. Through its
    regularly organized residential programme, this Institute has helped over 4500 young women from 500
    villages to become self-reliant. More importantly, the wave of self-confidence in the life of these women
    initiated by this institute, in the contrary conditions, is like a shining ray of hope.
    Barli Development Institute for Rural Women has also done exemplary work as a friend of the environment. It
    has taken solar energy to the people as an alternative energy. The Institute has not only built solar cookers for
    the domestic use but has also established an unprecedented model in the research and construction of large
    solar-energy powered community kitchens.
    Barli Development Institute for Rural Women has provided the Indore community a new thinking and a
    positive outlook towards solar energy and literacy. C.E.P.R.D. feels joyous at adorning Barli Development
    Institute for Rural Women, Indore with this distinctive honour, expressing veneration towards our Founder,
    late Mr. Sudhir Mishra. We are fully confident that your Institute will continue its sacred work of germinating
    the seeds of literacy in the minds of the poverty-stricken and exploited young women of tribal areas. This will
    be the actualization of thoughts of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, where he used to say that to
    change the country requires first to bring about excellence in the life of the tribal people.
    The environment is now becoming subject of global concern and the work of the promotion of solar energy as
    an alternative source of energy is praiseworthy.

    Praising your good work, the C.E.P.R.D. family hopes and desires that you will always be alert and aware
    towards public life and the environment. May the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women, Indore
    establish its distinctive identity throughout the country by following its disciplined path; Good Wishes.

    Witness:                                                                                                              Courtesy:
    Mrs. Tara Bhattacharya                                                                                       Anand Mohan Mathur
    (Gandhian Thinker)                                                                                              President, C.E.P.R.D.

    Mr. Shiv Singh Mehta                                                                                          Mahender Mahajan
    (Social Worker & Industrialist)                                                                             Secretary, C.E.P.R.D.

The Citation
Barli Development Institute for Rural Women Indore gets CEPRDs Friends of the
Environment 2008 Award