Solar Cookers from Spain
100 solar cookers donated to the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women by the Terra Foundation
December 2008. The Barli development Institute for Rural Women Indore has
received, as a donation, 100 parabolic solar cookers from a project developed by
Terra Foundation ( which name is “Solar cookers for women
against poverty (India, 2008)”. This project has been developed jointly by Terra
Foundation and the Barli Institute and its main goal is to hand over this very
effective parabolic solar cooker  (model alsol 1.4, developed in Spain) between
the pupils of the center after they voluntarily contribute 5 to 20 percent of the
cost, depending on their resources so that they value this. This will cover the
cost of services to be given by the Institute to complete this project.  The project
is being funded by the
Spanish bank Caja Navarra ( ),
through the programme “Tu eliges, tu decides”. The Barli Institute is committed
from this moment on to carry out the developing of the project according to its
experience in the assembling of the cookers as well as in the training on solar
cooking for the pupils. The training will be organized in several stages. The most
important step is learning to cook the local traditional dishes with the solar
cookers. First they will learn during several hours how to adapt the recipes and
different cooking methods of these dishes to suit them to the cooking times
required in the solar cookers. After the first day of cooking they will learn how
to correctly clean the cooker to maintain the brilliant aluminum surface useful
for years. During the days in which the students practice the cooking of different
types of food in the solar cookers, they don’t eat in the Institute’s canteen: they
have to prepare all their meals in the solar devices
Women from village Sendipuri in Dhar
district being trained how to adopt
cooking of traditional dishes on the
solar cooker at Barli Institute.
These women were trained to use solar
cookers as part of Madhya Pradesh
Government's Rural Livelihood project.
Early morning the trainees clean the
solar cookers and get prepared to start a
day of  training on how to make use  of
the solar cooker through out the day.
When not cooking meals the solar
cookers is used to prepare snacks
cookies etc, for packing and storing.
Barli's students showing their parents and
family members the benefit of using solar
cookers during the 2 day parents visit at
the Institute
Since 2000 Barli Development Institute for Rural Women has been distributing sk14 type solar cookers to its trainees on demand basis and
paying at least 10- 15% of the purchase cost. Those trainees taking home solar cookers have to stay at the Institute for up 10 days after their
normal training to learn how to maintain and use the solar cooker, also how to use its cooking abilities to generate income when not cooking the
family meals. Earlier they were taught as part of this training how to assembly the solar cooker kits on return to the village, since mid 2008 the
Institute has trained a team that travel to the villages and assemble the kits. Though more expensive this works much better, it was quite
difficult to train these young women to assemble the kits, all this training to assemble the one cooker when they return to the village. More than
450 Solar cookers have been distributed in this manner. This work has been largely funded by
Plage and Intersol in Austria.
Since 2006 Barli Institute has been training interested Micro Credit and Self Help Groups to use solar cookers for food processing and income
generation. Some of these groups have now opened their own sales  outlets in the villages.
Below is pictures taken during a 7 day training
programme of funchionaries from several micro
credit groups set up by State Bank of India
Madhya Pradesh, during this training they were
taught how to maitain and use the solar cookers,
purchase materials, costing, packing and
presentation of the product.
Picture taken in a remote hamlet near Town
of Dehi in Dhar district of Madhya Prades
Dr. Dieter Seifert is the inventor of the Sk 14 type
solar cooker, and is the person behind all the
development of the kits type parabolic solar
cookers, including this latest new design of kit
Alsol 1.4 manufactured in
Spain by Alsol
These kits have a great advantage for the work of
Barli Institute, where the solar cookers have to be
transported into remote areas where transport can
be on the top of buses and in overcrowded jeeps.
The flat packed kits alway arrive in the villages in a
good condition. Once assembled in on site the
owner is assured the her new solar cooker is a
perfect parabola, not one damaged by difficult
From left: Imma Seifert, Dieter Seifert,
Jimmy, Janak, Shiirin Gadhia and
Deepak Gadhia during a 4 day visit to
Barli Institute
Dr. Siefert teaching staff members and
students of Barli Development Institute
for Rural Women the finer point in
assembly of the solar cooker kits
Extremely overcrowded jeeps traveling to villages
in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh.