From 23rd to 26th October 7 students and 3 of their teachers visit Barli Development Institute for Rural Women to study the activities renewable energy, solar cooking, sustainable agriculture and horticulture and it work in training the young village and rural women who did get an opportunity of proper schooling when they were younger.

The background to their visit begins when Dr.Tara Kantpal a solar thermal scientist from Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, on a visit to Falun University gives a talk to the students of Falu Frigymnasium, the students ask him to recommend an Institution in India when the could study and experience renewable energy and sustainable agriculture in use. He recommends they to visit the Barli Institute.

The Students divided to 3 groups to study different activities of Institute.
Malin Tosteby and Paula Vestlund would study the solar cookers, they had brought their own handheld data logger to record, solar radiation, temperature and cooking times. On Sunday 25th everyone participated in solar cooking lunch which included scones and cake baked in the solar oven.





Nora Lundblad, Per Paks and Moa Holmsved, studied the methods of  sustainable agriculture and horticulture at the Institute, (Barli Institute grows all vegetables, dals, spices, fruits and most food grains on campus for students and others) they gathered data about all the different crops, vegetables and fruits etc. grown at the Institute, interviewed staff members and volunteers working with the agriculture.

Photo on left show students of Barli Institute weeding among a really good stand of Red Gram/Toor Dal, (Pigeon Pea)
in the early morning when all the students and staff work maintaining campus and in the field and gardens. Students and Teachers from Falu Frigymnasium also worked with the students for 2 hours on 26th morning, weeding, making waste paper briquettes and designing the cloth for batik printing.




Britta Bjorklund, and Ylva Skondal studied the the method of education of teaching he young rural and tribal women, they would sit in the classes and understand the method peer teaching that Institute uses. these young women come to the Institute as illiterates and after 6 months sit 90 minute written exam set by Institute of National Open Schooling.

On the evening of 26th the barli students gave a show of their community/tribal dancing, the Swedish student and their Teachers also showed their dancing skills.
After the dancing they gave gifts of pencils and notebooks from their school in Falun to all the Barli students.













Their visit came to the notice of some newspaper reporters and the Hindi newspaper Patrikar carried a story on the visit on the front page of the Indore section. Below is scan of that news report.
This story attracted the attention of the TV news channels and Doordarshan the national channel gave a clip in their news channel.

In Barli's visitor book:
Teachers, Asa, Hendrik and Helena wrote: We are so grateful for your hospitality! we have learned and experienced so much, and really hope that we can cooperate on with solar cookers.
Malin wrote: I really predicate our visit at Barli. Even I am more interested in solar cookers and will never forget what I have learned here.
Paula wrote: Thank you so much for everything! The stay was really amazing and although I don't speak Hindi I've made friend here.
Ylva wrote: I had really a nice time and learned a lot. Thank you for everything!
Britta wrote: Thank you for letting us visit you. I liked Barli a lot, and learned many new things.
Nora wrote Great tie at Barli, good food from the solar cooker.
Per wrote: Thank you for four really interesting days at Barli. We've had a great time.
Moa wrote: It was so nice visiting you! I really hope this cooperation can continue!

It was really good for the Barli Institute to have a group of students from Falu Frigymnasium visit here and look forward to further visits and project with the students.

The students have setup a blog about their travels and experiences in India it can be found here:

On 27 to 29 they visited Indore Biotech an organization doing research in organic framing and manufacturing natural pesticides and fertilizers.

Photos below are taken at Indore Biotech.

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