*        Widely travelled professional (visited 16 countries) with transcontinental research experience of more than
8 years in implementation of project-based assignments, complemented by academics and research
*        Experience in coordinating integrated, multi-project, multi-donor program development and delivery
including project cycle management, and enhancement of the program’s ability in sustainable development
*        Professional trainer (resource management, Multi-Stakeholder Planning processes, gender mainstreaming)
with hands on experience in leading inter-disciplinary teams
*        Ability to work in cross-cultural settings demonstrating the principles of gender equity and diversity and
building and maintaining effective relationships with all stakeholders
*        Experienced advisor with multilingual communication skills (effective oral and written English language skills)
as demonstrated in ability to write reports using software packages
*        National and international  Consultancy experience (Asia, US, UK, S. America & Japan)


Current position
:      Chief Operating Officer                                                        (October 2010 - present)
(Barli Development Institute for Rural Women, Indore, India)
Head and in-charge:
-        Logistics & maintenance, infrastructure development, agriculture & food production;
-        Information Technology and computer training; Webmaster and administrator of Institute’s web-site;
-        Science and technology – conduct hands-on training in appropriate technology transfer, non-conventional
energy resources
-        In-charge of developing audio-visuals including photography/ PPT /video and e-documentation of the
Institute’s activities
Environmental training, research and development: manufacturing and transferring of solar
technologies as well as maintaining and developing of existing systems at Barli’s eco-friendly campus (Solar
kitchen, Solar Dryers, Solar Oven, Water Distiller and energy efficient devices; Imparting hands-on environmental
education to trainees, in: alternative technologies of solar cooking, composting, vermi-composting, and soil
conservation; re-use of rainwater (farm-wide water harvesting  and recycling); Conduct training in organic
agriculture, including nursery techniques, seeds collection, plantation; Solar food-processing and preservation of
fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and lentils grown at the Institute.
Alternative energy: Development of rural technologies like paper-briquetting and production of briquettes
(to be used for 65 days when there is lack of proper sunshine)
Recycling: Re-use and recycling of waste products
Solar training: Training and transferring SK14 solar cookers for cooking, food processing, boiling drinking
water and prevent water-borne diseases, and generating income by selling  solar-cooked food
Training programs: Training of rural women and other micro-credit groups in using Solar Energy for
Documentation: Developing and disseminating information, training manuals, news-letter, recipes of
indigenous home-grown food
Event management: Organising events; participation in national and international events (Trainings,
Seminars, Workshops, conferences), visits related to environmental issues.
Knowledge sharing: Awareness generation and information dissemination among researchers, students
and professionals visiting the institute through conducting guided tours and live demonstrations
Internships coordination: Supervising internship projects and volunteering assignments of students from
India and overseas
Networking: Collaborating with civil society organizations, NGOs, Baha’i agencies, University departments,
governmental agencies and like-minded institutions in India and overseas.

Assistant professor                                                                                         (September  ’06 - August 2010)
(Institute of Professional Education and Research, Bhopal, India) (
*        Course coordinator: Managing and supervising coursework and degree projects
(Core subject expertise: Environmental management, Project Managenment; Human Resource Management,
Business Communication, Organisational Behavior)
*        Program development and management of developmental research projects (including environment and
sustainable development)
*        Management trainer of environmental training programs (MDPs)
Additional charge/responsibilities:
*        Head, Confidential section, IPER-PGDM
*        Chairman – HR department

Environmental consultant                                                                              (October ’04 – September ’06)
Project management and evaluation: Project title: ‘Economic valuation of BigiPan wetlands (Multiple-use
Management Area) of Suriname’ – A collaborative project with CELOS (Center for Agricultural Research in
Suriname) and University of Suriname. [October ‘04 – September ‘06]
Lecturer                                                                  October ’03 – October ’04
Organisation: University of Suriname (Faculty of Technology), South America (
*        Project management experience in rainforests of Suriname - program development and field assignments,
fundraising experience with international donors (incl. WWF, CI, etc.), in sustainable forestry and environmental
*        Course coordinator: Supervised degree research projects and theses (core domains: Environmental
management, Forestry, and sustainable development)

Project Manager                                                                                                    (July ’01 - June ’03)
International project management experience: in a multi-million dollar project funded by ITTO (International
Tropical Timber Organisation, Japan) concerning sustainable forestry development in India (implemented by IIFM,
Government of India) – (
*        Proposal development and fund raising for the project activities
*        Program management tasks (need awareness, initiation, planning, implementation, control, monitoring and
*        Documentation and reporting of project activities (progress reports, publishing an international newsletter,
research reports and papers, preparing annual plans of operations, budgeting, etc)
*        Organised environmental awareness rallies and extension activities in rural and tribal areas
*        Conducted community-level trainings and workshops on sustainable forest management and leadership
development in remote (tribal) areas in 8 districts of MP and Chhattisgarh
*        Conducted research on environmental laws, enforcement and governance
*        Managed and maintained an MIS (management information system) for sustainable forest management and
its field implementation at 8 forestry sites in rural (central) India

Forestry project fellow                                                                                  (November ’00 – June ’01)
Project: EC-FAO partnership-funded project on sustainable forestry (urban) and natural resource management
(implemented by Regional Afforestation and Eco-development Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt.
of India).
*        Project management – planning, field research, data analysis
*        Documentation of research reports, presentation of findings at an international workshop

Environmental executive (trainee)                                                                       (May ’00 – June ’00)
Organisation: Confederation of Indian Industry (Environment Management Division), New Delhi.
Job profile: Consultancy in corporate environmental certification and EMS (ISO 14001 series)


*        Principal investigator: Forest management project on invasive plant mapping and management funded by
Center for Tropical Forest Science and Smithsonian Institution (USA), in collaboration with Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore, India. [April ‘05 – September ‘05]
*        Principal Investigator: Forest management project on invasive plant mapping and management funded by
Center for Tropical Forest Science and Smithsonian Institution (USA), in collaboration with Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore, India. [April ‘05 – September ‘05] [project budget: USD 2000]
*        Forest management expert: WWF-funded sustainable forestry project titled: ‘Capacity Building for
Sustainable Forest Management’ implemented by Faculty of Technology, University of Suriname. [March-October
‘04]. (S. Am)  [project budget: 125000 USD]
*        Environmental expert: ‘Development of Management Plan for Sipaliwini Nature reserve’, implemented by
University of Suriname & Conservation International. Nov ‘03 – Mar ‘04)
*        Sustainability investigator: Action research project on: ‘Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and harvest
of non-wood forest products through community participation in India.’ 2003-04


: (School of Economics), Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore.
Ph.D thesis title: ‘The role of good governance in achieving sustainable development: A study with special
reference to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Madhya Pradesh’

MBA : Forest Management                                                                          March 2000
Masters (Post Graduate diploma in Forestry Management) 2-year full-time course from Indian Institute of Forest
Management (Bhopal, India) Government of India. (
Subjects: Project Management, Development Administration, Sustainable Forest Management, Participatory
forestry, Joint Forest Management, Ecosystem management, Environmental economics Biodiversity conservation,
Environmental Impacts Assessment, Quantitative techniques, MIS, Organizational behaviour, Marketing
management, Financial management, among others.

M.Sc                                                                                                            June 1997
(Master of Science). Institute of Science, Nagpur University, India
Specialisation: Organic chemistry (with Physical, Inorganic and Medicinal Chemistry)

B.Sc                                                                                                              March 1994
(Bachelor of Science) (1st class with distinction), Institute of Science, Nagpur University, India
Subjects: Environmental science (with Chemistry and Botany)

Expert member: Global Steering Committee of the GFAR network (Global Forum for Agricultural Research
and Innovation) of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) 2017-present (www.gfar.

*        Member, Danish Development Research Network, Copenhagen, Denmark.
*        Expert/Panel Member, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (,
London, UK
*        Member, Environment, Health and Development Network, University of East Anglia, UK (
*        Life member,  Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) (
*        Alumnus, InWEnt (Capacity Building International gGmbH) network, Germany.
*        Member / researcher. Global Development Network (, New Delhi, India.
*        Member. Forum on Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development. American Association for
Advancement of Science, AAAS International, Washington, DC, USA.

*        Computer literate (Certificate course in software programming and applications)
*        Experienced in: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, MS Project), MS Project, statistical analysis in SPSS,
Adobe Photoshop, E-mail, Internet; multimedia presentations (PowerPoint)
*        Platforms used: Windows 95-98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7

*        International training programme: Certificate in ‘Interactive Forest and Nature Policy in Practice: Managing
multi-stakeholder learning in sector wide approaches and national forest programmes’, 26 November.– 8
December ‘06. organized by Wageningen International & CIFOR, Indonesia
*        Multi stakeholder training program, ‘Climate Change Mitigation through Participatory Carbon Management
in Multifunctional Forests’.  23-27 September ‘02, IIFM, India.
*        Training Workshop on ‘Information Management on Criteria & Indicators for Sustainable Forest
Management - 1-2 August ‘02. Indian Institute of Forest Management, India.
*        Management Development Program on “Measures of Success for Sustainable Forestry”, World bank-WWF
alliance, 19-24 February ‘01, Indian Institute of Forest Management, India.

Recipient of numerous awards, fellowships and grants (incl: Netherlands NFP fellowship (Govt. of the
Netherlands), Smithsonian Institution small-grant (Center for Tropical Forest Science, USA), World Bank
fellowship (through NIPFP, Delhi), etc. (refer – annex -1)

Participated in several international conferences and workshops on developmental and environmental subjects;
and presented research papers (in China, France, Egypt, Indonesia, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Ecuador,
Netherlands, Japan, Suriname, Italy and India)  (refer: annex 2)

Research papers, reports and articles in national and international media (manuscripts available on request)
(refer: annex 3)

I certify that the information stated in the curriculum vitae is true to the best of my knowledge.

(Yogesh D. Jadhav)


Annex -1

*        Prize: National Photography Competition, titled: “Freedom from violence” organized by UnWomen (New
Delhi) (2012)
*        NFP fellowship (Govt. of the Netherlands) for participation in international training program on ‘Interactive
Forest and Nature Policy in Practice ’. November -December ‘06.
*        Fellowship for research presentation at the International conference on ‘Ecological sustainability and human
well-being’, organized by International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), [New Delhi, India. 15-18
December ‘06]
*        Research grant from Smithsonian Institution (Center for Tropical Forest Science) for conducting forestry
research. April - September ‘05
*        Fellowship for paper presentation at International Conference on Rural Livelihoods, Forest and Biodiversity,
Bonn, Germany. (May ‘03)
*        World Bank fellowship (through NIPFP, Delhi) for presentation of research paper at International
Symposium on ‘Forest Carbon Sequestration and Monitoring’, at TFRI, Taiwan


*        International Workshop (Yokohama, Japan): ‘Carbon Governance in Asia; Bridging Scales and Disciplines’
organized by United Nations University (IAS), in collaboration with Global Carbon Project and Earth Systems
Governance project, 1-3 November 2010. Yokohama, Japan .
*        International conference (Rome, Italy) - Food Security and Sustainable Development: Challenges for the
Governance of International Relations. (4th Annual Conference of the GARNET network). 11-13 November 2009.
Rome, Italy.
*        International conference (Dakar, Senegal) -  GLOBELICS 2009. “Inclusive Growth, Innovation and
Technological Change: education, social capital and sustainable development”. Dakar, Senegal. 6-8 October
*        International workshop (Beijing, China) - Vulnerability and resilience of land systems in Asia , Beijing, China.
June 15 - 17 2009
*        Global Seminar (Paris, france) - Sharing Research Agendas on Knowledge Systems. Organised by
UNESCO and SIDA. Paris, France [27-29 November 2008]
*        International Workshop (Alexandria, Egypt) – ‘Evaluating Climate Change and Development’, organised by
Global Environmental Facility (UNDP). Alexandria, Egypt [May 10-13, 2008]
*        Expert brainstorming workshop (New Delhi, India) - ‘Knowledge Management for organizational capacity-
building in South Asia region’ organized by The World Bank Institute and Global Development Network. New Delhi.
[5-7 Dec. 2007]
*        International conference (New Delhi, India) -  ‘Ecological sustainability and human well-being’, organized by
International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), [New Delhi, India. 15-18 Dec. 2006]
*        International conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - ‘Make Markets Work for Climate’, organized by
ABN-AMRO, WBCSD, Shell, VROM [16-17 October ‘06]
*        International Conference (Bonn, Germany) - ‘Rural Livelihoods, Forests and Biodiversity’, organised by
CIFOR, GTZ, BMZ, ICRAF, and InWent. [19-23 May ‘03]
*        International Symposium (Taipei, Taiwan) - ‘Forest Carbon Sequestration and Monitoring’. by Winrock
International & Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. [Taipei, Taiwan. 11-15 November ‘02]
*        Expert workshop, ‘Management Plan for Sipaliwini Nature Reserve’, organised by University of Suriname,
CELOS and Conservation International, [Suriname. January ‘04].
*        International conference, ‘Regional Economic Integration of Suriname’, Suriname [Nov. 2003]
*        Workshop on developing: ‘Management Plan for Central Suriname Nature Reserve’, organised by
Conservation International. Paramaribo, Suriname [November ‘03]

Annex – 3 -

Publications bibliography


*        Research paper: Linking participatory carbon governance and rural energy systems: lessons from
indigenous carbon management practices in Indian tropical forests.
International Workshop: ‘Carbon Governance in Asia; Bridging Scales and Disciplines’ organized by United
Nations University (IAS), in collaboration with Global Carbon Project and Earth Systems Governance project,
Yokohama, Japan . 1-3 November 2010.
(Document available online: http://www.apn-gcr.
org/newAPN/activities/CAPaBLE/2010/CBA2010-04NSY-Dhakal/CBA2010-04NSY-Dhakal-FinalReport.pdf )
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legislations for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in India.
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collaboration with FAO (UN) & IFAD. Rome, Italy. 11-13 November 2009.
*        Research paper: Leveraging social capital for achieving inclusive growth through grassroots
entrepreneurial innovation: learnings from Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Indigenous
Community Enterprises in Central India
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Innovation and Technology (MERIT) of United Nations University). Dakar, Senegal 6-8 October 2009
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Workshop: International workshop on Vulnerability and resilience of land systems in Asia , Beijing, China. June 15
– 17, 2009
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and SIDA. Paris, France. November 27-29, 2008.
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participation – lessons from evaluation of sustainable forestry practices in central India using the criteria and
indicators approach’.
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*        Research poster: Indigenous communities, institutions and climate change mitigation
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International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), [New Delhi, India. 15-18 Dec. 2006]
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impacts on forest sustainability at Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (India)’.
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by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and CTFS, Panama.
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*        Research paper: Sustainable livelihoods through certification of non-wood forest products: a case study of
tropical forests in central India.
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Community Forest Management in Asia. (February 2013)
(Document available online: )
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(Book of abstracts: available online:
pdf )
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 [online: ]
Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Chief Operating Officer