Solar Storage
Some photos and details of installation of Solar Storage system designed
Valasd Gujarat, India. installed at:
Barli Development Institute for Rural Women, 180 Bhamori, New
Unloading the 600 kilo beastie proved quite a hassle, though we did manage to borrow a set
of chain blocks, we could not get a tripod and there was no suitable tree nearby of the
The existing Solar Kitchen had to be extended to house the new invention.
After precise and complex alignment,
The storage system gets it first on-site rays of sun.
These 2 pictures below give a good view of the two  7.2 square metre Scheffler dishes.
On 22nd January 2000 a workshop was held at the Institute to propagate this type of cooking technology among the
DAVV University, Indore. It was also an opportunity to announce to the press and media this new solar storage system.
A view of the back of the Scheffler dish.
Cooking Chapatis on the storage system
The Construction consists of a 16" mild steel shaft in 4 sections of 100 kilos each bolted together to form the heat
storage system, which is surrounded by 6" of glass wool insulation, assembled in a heavy mild steel drum with a
stainless steel top, when storage system is not in use or not being reheated  the top is covered with a large lid with 8"
of glass wool insulation.
New pictures added on 10th February 2000
Cooking chapattis on the conventional Scheffler solar cooker.
The above three pictures give a good view of the tracking device.
Above is Tara with her solar dishes, Tara resets the dishes every morning, and makes sure that the focus is
correct, she also collects all the cooking data, and monitors the amount of material cooked in the solar kitchen.
The storage system being charged.